neo-psychedelic sex-punk for the teenage soul



The May Company’s world sounds a little like that abstract French film you saw once in college. You know there is a theme buried somewhere just out of grasp, and yet the bizarre imagery and odd characters leave you feeling a bit confused, a bit cultured, perhaps a bit enlightened, but always comfortable descending into the reverberating spin of madness.

The May Company allude to these concepts, cryptically hinting at various personal disasters, while poetically observing and dismantling the pitfalls of modern societies worst institutions . However, it’s the psychedelic arrangements, strung out with whirling synths and fuzzy buzzing chaos, tinted with slight hues of surf and deep shades of 60s garage rock that get you spinning; May’s ‘Thee Oh Sees’-like guitar soars and Grace-Slick-like barbaric yawps surfing over Rusty’s slithering bass grooves and Jona’s hip-shaking drums reinvent the garage rock genre in a way that pays homage to the greats without falling into the trappings of the old tropes and patterns.

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Sounds like: “ty segall- meets feels – meets the monster mash ”

May McDonough – vocals / guitar / keys
Jona Wilder – drums/ percussion
Rusty Huber – bass/ keys

neo-psychedelic garage-punk for the teenage soul

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