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A Brief Comment on Modern Wages – from May

01/27/2015 |

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I got to thinking about the hierarchical idea of modern work & wages. To me, the whole pyramid seems rather upside down. Men paid to think are paid fortunes, while men paid to labor make less than livable wages. This, to me, seems downright topsy-turvey. How is it that men can be paid so highly for their innate gifts which come so easily to them, while men with little that comes easily to them spend their days toiling away at work which no one else wants to do, and yet are paid mere drivel? We pay men for the titles they have paid for (degrees, doctrines, etc…), yet the man who labors hardest daily has no money for titles, but soldiers on.
Shouldn’t we pay the men who toil the hardest the largest wages, and allow those of us who have the privilege of enjoying our innate gifts be rewarded by that privilege, instead of our wages? Take for example, the Artist. The artist so enjoys the gift of his art that he (most of the time) suffers low wages and works many menial jobs for a living so that he can continue to create. He sacrifices a life of leisure for the privilege of thriving in his innate gifts. That is not to say that what he does isn’t work. It is. But it is work he enjoys. Perhaps, our society today would do better to follow the example of the Artist and let the men who truly suffer enjoy the spoils of success. Just a thought.

Side Note: Bertrand Russel has some interesting things to say about work, not quite the same point that I am making, but relevant and much more interesting than my little rant. Check out his essay, “In Praise of Idleness“.

Or, if you really just need to get through the day without a bottle of pills, watch this incredibly patronizing American video on how to love your shitty job!

A Strange & Murky Few Days

12/08/2014 |

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It’s that time again – that time of year where bloggers, weekly columnists, and quasi-journalists of all kinds begin all of their articles needlessly with the phrase “it’s that time again!”. (Kids! For a true example of irony in practice, see the above run on sentence. Or for the very definition, try watching 90’s cult classic “Reality Bites”). What a strange way to begin a blog entry, but it has been a strange and murky few days. To begin with, our loyal little tribe has been touched with death, illness, and heartbreak over the past week or two in our personal lives, all of which was slowly accumulated and mostly anticipated.

So, instead of falling to our knees in agonizing shock or disgrace, we’ve all sorta just been shuffling about in a malaise, not knowing what to say to one another, and passing knowing nods back and forth when the wind changes ever so slightly. But these periods of simmering, agitating, unidentifiable emotions and confusion expose a nerve to music in the most vulnerable way, and make for some very raw, powerful, and almost transcendental band practices. These are the moments when being a musician feels like a gift (as opposed to most others when it can seem like a cruel burden of cosmic torture somehow, but that’s just me…).

We’re all fine, and would prefer not to go into details, so don’t start flooding us with condolences (all though, just the thought is appreciated; so I’ll thank you now, and we can just pretend it all ready happened. Thank you. There. You see? Less awkward all ready). I’m very grateful to have band mates with such incredible character and caliber. These two friends are very brave and their impressive commitment to sound reason and compassion is steadfast and fucking amazing. It’s an honor to work with them.

All things aside, we have some exciting shit on the shelf. Our music video for Careful of the Tales is in post, but we previewed a sneak peak to a small group on Halloween and they loved it! No release date specifically planned yet, coming soon! We have a show coming up January 12th at one of my old favorite watering holes, the spectacularly classy bar-turned-venue just a few doors down from Jumbos Clown Room: Harvard & Stone. That will be a fun one. We’re also putting together a cassette tape release of Bullyboywithaglasseye through Weiner Records, AND come February we will be part of a psychedelic box set alongside some of the greatest artists of all time like MC5, Iggy & The Stooges, and Hawkwind! More on that later. Oh also, don’t forget we now have Bullyboy on VINYL in our store, and if you buy the vinyl you also get a free download card so you can download the album to your mp3 player! AND the download card is not only biodegradable, but it contains wild flower seeds. So after you download, bury the card in soil in your backyard or in a center divider somewhere and wild flowers will grow! In fact, I think I’ll go seed bombing later this evening. Maybe next album we can get vegetable seeds in there, start feeding the homeless with the things. Keep on keepn on, May.

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