neo-psychedelic sex-punk for the teenage soul

Maestro, please!


New Year. Happy. You may have noticed the band has been on a small hiatus lately. We’re in a state of flux here at The May Company; new band members, new music, new shit. The goal is to get our new EP out as soon as possible. In the mean time, I’ve been picking up speed with my guitar pedals… everybody wants fuzz this year, and I’m dishing it out in spades. Check out this Fuzz pedal I just made (and painted) for the exponentially inspiring John Dwyer (of Thee Oh Sees!!!)! I call it #BadTimeInTheWoods


I am very close to opening up my own pedal and art shop on etsy. Similarly to my youtube vlog, it will be called Psychedelic Cherry. Keep your eyes peeled!

New music soon!!!!!!

neo-psychedelic garage-punk for the teenage soul

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