neo-psychedelic sex-punk for the teenage soul


L.A. Record Magazine, August 7th 2018. “L.A./O.C. Shocking Blue-style garage psych trio the May Company are here with a pointedly psychedelic instructional video—directed by Daniel Lake and the band’s own May McDonough—that demonstrates scientifically what happens when you go past reefer madness all the way to psychotropic bubble-blowing cosmic insanity….”, July 30th 2017. “This is what good psychedelic rock sounds like. LA psychrockers The May Company give us “building a box” from their upcoming album “teeth” which will release August 1st. Very excited to hear more of THE MAY COMPANY.”

The May Company – Son of The Skies Review, Pop Occulture, May 2017. “First of all, after going to The May Company’s web-page, and seeing a bikini-clad Allen Ginsberg with Shiva arms, I knew that this was a band for me. This 17 minute burner is by a mile the longest song that we’ve ever covered on the blog. With a gorgeous wall of shipper, and the most tantalizing psych vocals this side of Grace slick, this song is a charging force to be reckoned with. Quite frankly the entire EP, a psych-punk rock opera about the illusive Sasquatch, is inspired and you shouldn’t stop at this track. Go buy their EP, then their album, then their t-shirt and a hundred buttons. Bands like this need to be encouraged to keep making greatness.”

50THIRDAND3RD, RECORD OF THE DAY, SEPT. 19TH 2015. “Today’s track sure has a swagger to it! The May Company (formerly May McDonough & Company) knock it out of the park with Wrap Around Porch a swirling psych punk strut à la 13th Floor Elevators or Night Beats.”

MYSPACE.COM, ARTIST OF THE DAY, JULY 14TH 2015. “Old-sounding new music is all the rage in Orange County, where fuzzy garage-pop has ruled the local scene for the better part of the past decade, with labels like Burger Records and bands like The Growlers thrusting this aesthetic into the International underground consciousness. May McDonough and her trio The May Company (Lo Schmitt on drums and multi-instrumentalist Rusty Huber) are familiar faces for indie rock enthusiasts south of Los Angeles. They call their sound “psychedelic art punk for soul,” which is a pretty spot-on characterization of the noise the they make. Drenched in SoCal sunshine and plenty of reverb, the band cobbles oddball literary themes into their neo-psychedelia, making them one of the more compelling bands in the region. May McDonough talks to Myspace about the band’s origins, her kickass guitar pedals and the penchant for Mark Twain’s stories.”

BUZZ BANDS LA, EARS WIDE OPEN, November 28th 2014. “Orange County’s May McDonough & Company make a witches’ brew of psychedelic and punk rock that has drawn apt comparisons to time-honored bands like Jefferson Airplane and newbies like the Growlers. The trio — McDonough along with Lo Schmitt and RustyHuber — in May released the album “Bullyboywithaglasseye,” which follows up two EPs released last year and lacks nothing in attitude. On “Plump Little Fleshies,” the frontwoman takes a swipe at the consumptive masses, their “willfull ignorance” and herd mentality, observing “All the plump little fleshies go dancing.” And “Wrap Around Porch” suggests she is not to be trifled with: McDonough imagines hell as as a place with a “beautiful wrap around porch” and “a welcome mat in front of the door” — the latter because “‘after what I do to you / I’m gonna need me a place where I can wipe off my shoes.””

FEEDBANDS MONTHLY RELEASE FEATURED BAND, SEPTEMBER 28th 2014. “As a self-described “neo-psychedelic sex-punk for the teenage soul” band, May McDonough & Co. is a little bit doo-wop, a little bit rock’n’roll, and they seem to know that their sound defies genre just enough keep you slightly confused but completely along for the ride. With titles like “Little Hemingways” and “Kristen Wiig” off their new albumbullyboywithaglasseye, this Los Angeles group dangles their modern pop culture references alongside 60s-inspired jams with a wink and smirk. May’s jazzy voice is like Shirley Manson meets Jessica Rabbit, and it echoes around bass-heavy melodies and good ol’ fashioned rock guitar with a sultry ease. Yet there’s a wryness to the lyrics that gives May a dangerous edge, but it’s so smooth that you just might forget. However, let’s not forget the psychedelia amidst the neo-sex-punk-ness. Odd samples and guitar warbles plus some unusual and creative percussion definitely add some Jefferson Airplane vibes to this trio’s sound. Accompanied by May’s words almost drawled in a Kurt Cobain-like way, the result is the slow, winding sort of psychadelia that keeps you rolling down the rabbit hole, perhaps blissfully unaware.”

WRAP AROUND PORCH VIDEO PREMIER- Impose Magazine, July 18th, 2014. “May McDonough & Company’s video for “Wrap Around Porch” is here with a colorful display of psyched out projected images. Before you can repeat the first verse, May & Co. bring back Warhol’s ‘Exploding Plastic Inevitable’ as if it ever really left our peel-slowly-and-see hearts. The LA group released this song on their recent album, Bullyboywithaglasseye that brings back some of that old world weirdness that walks the tightropes between an endless paradise and eternal downward slopes of perdition.”

IMPOSE MAG FEATURE- Impose Magazine, July 18th, 2014. “If you haven’t yet, introduce yourselves to May McDonough & Company’s album, bullywithaglasseye, for a rollicking, rocking, and rip-roaring (and rolling) good time. This is the garage geared sound that God herself had always intended.”

BULLYBOYWITHAGLASSEYE YMT FEATURE- Your Music Today, July 21st 2014. “A ten-track beauty tackling modern societies’ symbolism and religiousness with peace and ease through raw punk.”

PASTORAL MAGAZINE FEATURE- MAY MCDONOUGH & COMPANY, July 7th 2014. “psychedelic distorted bass fills the air over meat and potatoes drums that layed the foundation for the swirling guitars and seductive, yet equally scornful lyrics.”

OBSCURE SOUND’S BULLYBOYWITHAGLASSEYE REVIEW! June 4th, 2014. “California-based group May McDonough & Company label themselves as a “neo-psychedelic-sex-punk” band, with a sound that’s “kinda like Thee Oh Sees-meets-The Growlers-meets-Jefferson Airplane.” That was enough to get my attention, and digging into their new full-length – Bullyboywithaglasseye – offered several treats. “Wrap Around Porch” is a nice descriptor of the group’s sound — swanky guitars and suave vocals are the leading elements at play, emitting a swagger typical of blues-rock admirers. Here, there is more at play than blues revivalism; although the structure and repetition pays an homage to the genre, the track’s hypnotic elements – namely the subdued percussion and vocal-like guitar tones toward the conclusion – add an extra psych-addled punch.”

DELI MAG EMERGING ARTIST OF THE YEAR FEATURE #3! January 12, 2014. “Three may be a crowd, or it may be good company, but it’s also the number of singles released by May McDonough & Company throughout 2013 in anticipation of their upcoming full length ‘bullyboywithaglasseye.’ Theirs is an enticing mix of pure psychedelia and 60s girl group pop. The group has an intensely experimental side, but manage to keep things tight and succinct whilst exploring all their groovy ideas. “Mannequin” displays the ever-present contrast between dark and light that broods underneath the sparkling pop elements in their songs, creating dense textures. There’s a playfulness that hints at rebellious danger, that keeps what could become repetitiously dour, light and fun. With each new single, there are new soundscapes and something new for the ears in every change-up.”

“Behold! One of LA’s premier groups mixing up a flavorful blend of garage and lo-fi with such a noisey joie de vie”

MIXTAPE MAESTRO, May 6 2013. “Assuaging May’s sassy lyrical edge with coos that drip with a candied doo-wop melodicism and a swaying backing arrangement that nicely melds both the murky and bubblegum leanings of ’60′s-vintage pop, “Mannequin”‘s sweet n’ spicy spin on classic yester-year rock forms proves to be just as inviting as May McDonough & Company’s preceding effort, leaving us (and, apparently, Quentin Tarantino) that much more intrigued to hear what the rest of their forthcoming album bullyboywithaglasseye has on deck.”

THE SOUND OF CONFUSION, April 23 2013. “…Therefore we get that same groove, that same depth of sound, the same robust musicianship and solid-as-a-rock performance, however it’s lightened by this sunny break. Adding this extra melody doesn’t make for a scatterbrained song made of random bits and pieces, it all ties in very well. The vocals are rich, even on the poppier section, and this indicates a diversity to May McDonough & Company that we didn’t know existed until now…”

INDIE RELEASE MAG, April 23 2013. “May McDonough and Company are at it again with another brilliant single!…”

HAND CLAP MOVEMENT, Feb. 2013. : “an appropriately dark adventure through the LA act’s [May McDonough & Company] stunning ghost soul sound, that reminds us very much of Ryan Gosling project Dead Man’s Bones. We would love to take a visit to the underworld, if it was always soundtracked as good as this.”

MIXTAPE MAESTRO, February 2013: “…you almost feel like you should heed her advice anyway; she delivers these lines in a quivering contralto rich with not only a fresh ache and bitterness, but edged with a sliver of sinister darkness that hints of some pretty devilish revenge-plotting currently in the making for a certain male. Expanding upon that striking vocal eeriness, a supporting organ-laced churn that swings, pummels and grooves with vintage rock, jazz and psychedelic-pop notes, gifting “Lovers” with a The Zombies-as-fronted-by-Grace Slick sensibility that’s way too compelling a combination to deny.”

ROBOTS FOR HIRE February 3013.  ” I couldn’t help to think of the French movie Irreversible with the topsy-turvy camera angles and disjointed actions from the cameraman. Shot in first-person, you go through the maze of the unknown, meeting creatures and masked characters along the way. It’s pretty Eyes Wide Shut with people in carnival masks, men in horse heads and even a roaming dog. You don’t know what is coming around the next corner and that’s what hooks you in to the end. Are these friends? Foes? Dunno- however, if Hell is going to be this much fun, I’m not too worried about my fate.”

Aesthetes Anonymous: May McDonough & Company – Hell Is For Lovers: Just a bit of sultry psychedelic western rock for your earballs today courtesy of May McDonough & Company , a new indie outfit out of Los Angeles…

The Sound Of Confusion: Five For Free #164: ” …If that was all a bit sweet and lively for you then the grittier, bluesy alt-rock of May McDonough & Company should be just the tonic. ”

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neo-psychedelic garage-punk for the teenage soul

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