neo-psychedelic sex-punk for the teenage soul

OFF! went off!

11/13/2015 |

Orange Fuzz Fest was a success! (relatively speaking). I think we played our best set yet. Everyone really seemed to be digging the new tracks. It was great to see so many people dancing and mouthing the words. That kind of energy is penetrating! More of that please!!! If you weren’t there, you can see video and hear more about it at my (May’s) youtube blog The Psychedelic Cherry.

As for what happens now; well, we have a new cassette version of bullyboywithaglasseye coming out on Ghoulhouse Records this month! No confirmed date for the release show yet, but we’re working on it. AND as for that EP we’ve been promising… the music is almost ready, we just need to handle some band matters and get the thing recorded. It will be released through Ghoulhouse as well! I believe we have officially decided the EP will be called “Teeth”. So look forward to that.

neo-psychedelic garage-punk for the teenage soul

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