neo-psychedelic sex-punk for the teenage soul

Our new music video SO STONELY is out now!

08/16/2018 |

Every parent of the 1950’s worst nightmare come true! These kids are seemingly ordinary. Harmless. Good kids, for the most part. Faithful, law abiding citizens having a pleasant evening discussing music and literature. But one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. And a bad apple has just arrived! She brings with her a new way to get your kicks, and the gang isn’t sure about it. Poor johnny doesn’t want to seem square, but he’s not so sure about this new girl’s idea of a good time. Will he succumb to peer pressure and blow bubbles straight into kicksville USA? Find out in The May Company’s SO STONELY!!!!

Directed by Daniel Lake & May McDonough
Song: So Stonely
Artist: The May Company
The May Company’s album TEETH is available in stores now!

neo-psychedelic garage-punk for the teenage soul

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