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A Brief Comment on Modern Wages – from May

01/27/2015 |

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I got to thinking about the hierarchical idea of modern work & wages. To me, the whole pyramid seems rather upside down. Men paid to think are paid fortunes, while men paid to labor make less than livable wages. This, to me, seems downright topsy-turvey. How is it that men can be paid so highly for their innate gifts which come so easily to them, while men with little that comes easily to them spend their days toiling away at work which no one else wants to do, and yet are paid mere drivel? We pay men for the titles they have paid for (degrees, doctrines, etc…), yet the man who labors hardest daily has no money for titles, but soldiers on.
Shouldn’t we pay the men who toil the hardest the largest wages, and allow those of us who have the privilege of enjoying our innate gifts be rewarded by that privilege, instead of our wages? Take for example, the Artist. The artist so enjoys the gift of his art that he (most of the time) suffers low wages and works many menial jobs for a living so that he can continue to create. He sacrifices a life of leisure for the privilege of thriving in his innate gifts. That is not to say that what he does isn’t work. It is. But it is work he enjoys. Perhaps, our society today would do better to follow the example of the Artist and let the men who truly suffer enjoy the spoils of success. Just a thought.

Side Note: Bertrand Russel has some interesting things to say about work, not quite the same point that I am making, but relevant and much more interesting than my little rant. Check out his essay, “In Praise of Idleness“.

Or, if you really just need to get through the day without a bottle of pills, watch this incredibly patronizing American video on how to love your shitty job!

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